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  • Alex Gross

    Brand Specialist

    “It’s about time we made this process fun.”

    Alex Gross

    Volkswagen Santa Monica

    About Me

    I don’t look at my job as selling. My job is helping you find the car that’s right for you. I’ll ask you questions and listen intently to your answers. I trust you’ll find me knowledgeable, forthright and make you feel at home when you’re at Volkswagen Santa Monica. If you see me as a friend and helper, rather than a salesman, I’ll consider it a job well done.

    I’m passionate about German engineering -- quality and value. I’m equally passionate about car shopping being fun.

    Specialties & Interests

    Grew up in the Palisades. Went to Palisades Charter High. Then the University of Colorado, where I studied psychology and business.

    Always been into sports. Did an internship with the Bakersfield Blaze (Class A farm team of the Rangers). Fan of the Dodgers, Lakers and Broncos. Also the Phillies and Eagles because I was born in Philly.

    Used to work in manufacturing items for TV shows like Shark Tank, getting products made, mostly overseas, and marketing them. Crazy hours.

    I have 2 cats: Cali and Lilly. They’re mother and daughter. One’s friendly, like a dog. The other is, well, not so friendly.